DentalMed Luxury Dental Clinic

DentalMed -Dental Clinic Bucharest Romania

 DentalMed is the key to a breathtaking smile!


DentalMed is a luxury dental clinic located in Bucharest Romania, which provides to its patients not only top level dental treatments (like dental implants, oral surgeries, prosthetics on Zirconium and state of the art technologies for cosmetic dentistry), but also the best location in town:

right next to JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel and the Parliament Palace from Bucharest Romania.


Easy access to Parking - JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel's non stop parking. See map.


Quality dental treatment performed by a team of well-known dentists who work with ultramodern equipment and materials is the solution for beautiful and healthy teeth. DentalMed keeps up with the latest developments in the domain and our dentists are permanently trained, both in Romania and abroad. Special interventions, such as the dental implants, are performed by an international team of dentistry specialists.


The DentalMed clinic provides the following dental services:


dental implants
odontalgic and periodontal treatments
oral prophylaxia
oral surgery
dental prosthetics
dental prophylaxis
cosmetic dentistry
pedodontics (treatment that uses nitrous oxide)
dentistry emergencies (non stop*)


At our clinic, the dentist will immediately assess your dental health status and you will discuss about treatment alternatives and the means of solving the causes of your discomfort as soon as possible.


The friendly atmosphere and the professionalism of the medical team will make your stay at the clinic pleasant. The clinic is fitted with wireless internet in the waiting room so dealing with urgent e-mails will not be problematic for you anymore.

Dental clinic DentalMed includes eleven offices fitted with state-of-the-art German technology (see details under "Equipment "), a special sterilization chamber, an x- ray device, an inhalation sedation device, special equipment and machines for the dental implant insertion operations, a fully equipped operating room.

We value your time as much as you do and that is why we strictly observe all scheduled appointments, while adapting to the possible unexpected events that might appear on your agenda and ensuring appointment re-scheduling in due time.

A painless dental treatment. This is one of our main objectives. DentalMed makes it possible because the clinic is fitted with the latest technology that helps fight patients' fear and pain: nitrous oxide inhalation sedation, which eliminates any unpleasant sensation associated with classic dental treatments (details under "Equipment").


The DentalMed clinic covers dental emergencies on a NON STOP* basis
*subject to special rates

Easy acces to PARKING -  JW Marriott Hotel's Bucharest Romania non stop parking. See map .